#submit the stigma Erin Herle Seminar

So on the Weekend just gone Cartel Oz put on their first Fundraising seminar.  This seminar was supporting a cause very close to my heart Mental Health Awareness.  For those that don't know, Erin is a Black-belt under one of the best Cobrinya, and  started the Submit the Stigma movement herself. Growing up with Anxiety, Adhd, depression and then dealing with other family tragedies along the way, Erin thought it only a natural progression for herself to start this organisation.

For myself, this was a chance to get involved with something that is very close to me also.  I have suffered with anxiety for many years now and Jiu Jitsu is definitely helping me deal and cope with it. 

For only a very new company in the BJJ industry, i wanted to find a way to be different to every other supplier in this fantastic art, and giving back I think is that area.  We already sponsor 5 fantastic athletes and i was trying to see what else we could do to help more people out, then Erin announced she was coming to Australia and I thought that's it.

The Seminar itself was an absolute blast, Erin sets out her seminars very well, allowing plenty of time for drilling techniques and making sure she highlights the smaller details so people are getting the finer details correct.  She was teaching her knee cut pass and Flamingo entry and the details on both were second to none.  My two sons did the seminar and they both said they will be using some of those details shown to enhance there games.  We had a mid seminar break where we had door prizes, raffle draws etc which everyone seemed to enjoy.

If you missed the seminar you didn't miss the chance to help, get onto the submit the stigma website and donate, buy a patch etc etc, every little bit helps.  Mental health awareness is getting better traction, but it still has a long way to go.  If you notice a change in a family member, friend, training partner etc don't be afraid to ask them if they are ok, we all need to get around each other.

I would like to thank a few people finally.  Hangar 4 MMA thank you so much for donating your gym for us to use, the Golding Family for donating a few hampers, Ben Hodgkinson for Donating a 1hr private and 5 GI registrations, Shantelle Thompson for donating a Private, and everyone who attended as without you we dont have an event.  Lastly Thank you to Erin, what a down to earth, funny, amazing young woman, was an absolute honour to do this with you.

Until next time, oss